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Fall 2019

Join us to Georgia!

(Sold out)

Main activities

Visit to the Swedish embassy in Tbilisi

Day trip to Gori - Josef Stalin's hometown

Guided tour in Tbilisi

Day trip to northern Armenia

General information

Travel dates:​ 12/11 - 17/11 2019
Sign up:​ 18/9: kl. 13.00-13.30 in the H-building
Estimated costs:​ 5000 SEK (including flights, accommodation & activities)
Spots available:​ 10 (first come, first served)

Spring 2019

Join us to Ukraine!

(Sold out)

Main activities

Visit to the Swedish Embassy in Kiev

Excursion day to Chernobyl Pripyat

Visit United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Guided tour in Kiev

General information

Travel dates: 2/4 - 6/4 2019

Sign up: 7/3 kl. 13.00-14.00 in the K-building

Estimated costs: 3600 SEK (including flights, accommodation and activities)